How Does the Attitude of “Give Thanks in All Circumstances” Work?

All of us face troubles big and small each day. Some of them irritate us. Others make us feel helpless. Often we feel like giving up.

Most problems are people problems. We find others unlovable and get angry at the slightest provocation. Not to mention difficulties in forgiving past wrongs. Often some fear or bitterness that is lodged in our hearts create trouble time and again; don’t they?

Then there are process problems. The expected cash is not deposited in our account on time, the water level sensor in the washing machine fails, the car tyre gets punctured, we burn a hole in our shirt while ironing and so on.

We can curse, yell, and walk about like a angry bear in a cage. It doesn’t accomplish much.

Now there is a better attitude. That is to thank God. “What! No way!” You might say. I do agree with you.

But why not give it a try. Emotionally you won’t feel like doing it. Then what is the point you might ask.

See, thanking God for your difficulties, worries, and troubles is an attitude.

Thanking God will not take your problem away but it will fortify your heart with peace that defies human logic. It is the help God gives for you to face the present difficulties.

Thanking God will not take the problem away but it will put courage and hope in your heart. It is the help God gives for the future which looks gloomy and uncertain.

Thanking God will not take the problem away but it does shift the responsibility of your problems to God. It is the help God gives to make all the mistakes and follies and failures of your past do a good work in your life–in your character, in your attitudes, and in your outlook on life too.

You might find it hard to believe but it is true.

Thanking God for your troubles is difficult and in certain situations seemingly impossible. But know that God listens to a broken heart’s praise and prayer. This is especially true when you have made a blunder or committed a mistake that cannot be undone.

Title inspired by 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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