For Children: Dreamers Say “NO” to Temptation

The key point in the life of Joseph the dreamer is that he kept himself pure. Even when temptation came in the path of duty, he said “No” to the wrong moves made by Potiphar’s wife towards him. Therefore when Potiphar’s wife took hold of his cloak one day to make him sleep with her, he left it in her hands and ran out of the house.

Many young people think that they can sin and escape if no one is watching. But if God has given you a dream, know that you too like Joseph have to run away from sources of temptation. Joseph ran because he knew that all sin is against God. He did not want to ruin God’s plans for his life by sinning (see Psalm 119:9, 11).

People, like Joseph, who achieve success in life, have one thing in common. It is their ability to stay focussed on their dreams. They learn to say “No,” to all things that will take them away from their goal in life.

As young children your primary focus now should be to study well and do your best. When your friends ask you to spend time for less important things like going to parties or movies, tell them that you are going to study. If you focus on your studies now, you’ll be able to do well in your career later.

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