When Wishes Come True

Bohnfi couldn’t believe his eyes! He’d wished for it just a few days ago. And now right before his eyes his wish had come true!

But Bohnfi hadn’t told anyone about his wish. So it was a complete surprise to him when it came true.

But when boys of his age tell their parents their wishes; why did not Bohnfi tell it to them?

Well, he knew that his father worked hard to give them a good life. Though young he had seen his mother often sick and father struggling to pay bills. Then there was Phil and Debbie, who went to school a little far away. Money was needed for it all…

Little Bohnfi had thought, “I shouldn’t trouble my parents with my wish.” Nobody could blame him ‘coz he didn’t tell his wish.

He also did not pray about it. He knew that God answered prayers. But he was not sure whether God would be interested in a little boy’s wish? He had thought that God was big and far away in the heavens to be troubled by his wishes.

But for now Bohnfi was excited. Right before his eyes stood an uncle who lived far away. He had come to visit them though no one knew he was coming.

Bohnfi eyed that small bag his uncle carried. That yellow bag with big black letters printed on it was one that his uncle carried always. Bohnfi remembered it well. Every time his uncle had visited them, there was something in that bag for Bohnfi.

This time too he had brought some sweets and biscuits. He dug his hand into the bag and took them out and invited Bohnfi to take them. As Bohnfi took them, he said, “Thanks!” Then he turned to put them in the table nearby.

As he turned, his uncle called him again: “Hey, Bohnfi, I’ve something else for you too!”

Bohnfi looked. He just couldn’t believe it. His uncle was taking out of the bag a jar of Horlicks–his favorite drink! And that was what he had wished for!

But still Bohnfi did not tell anyone that he had wished for it. He was still too small a boy to tell such big things.

But Bohnfi had placed that jar of Horlicks in his heart. Now he knew, without anyone telling him, that God had provided that jar of Horlicks through his uncle.

He’d always remember it.

Theme: God Provides.
Scripture Memory: “The Lord Will Provide” (Genesis 22:14).
“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24 NIV).

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