My Care, His Care!

There was a care in my heart
That I could not wish away.
So, in prayer, I took it to the Lord;
Yet the pain, its weight, remained!

Was it that God did not care
To look upon my wearied soul?
When in such big a world
He had bigger things to do?

I waited for His answer still
Though clouds did gather in,
My doubts echoed loud’n clear
Like thunder-rolls crashing in.

I cried cos I could not find a friend
Who could my burdens a little share;
Thought I told, explained all,
They could not my care lessen.

With nothing else to do, I stood
And tried to knock heaven’s doors again:
More in despair than in hope. The door opened,
But alas, there I saw my care again!

Such fear shook my mind at its sight,
That, like a tree by an ax brought down
I crashed’n fell to the dusty ground–
And for a long time there unmoving lay.

Then I felt, first a drop, then drizzle,
And then at last heavy downpour too;
It flooded not the ground, but my heart,
Till and unitl there was no more room.

With such acts of mercy does God visit
The soul that bites the dust;
In grief, in doubt, in deep despair–
Till no room for care is left!

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