Still I Am His Child

When the pain of sin
Clouds my broken heart
And shuts heaven’s light–
Amid this grave’s darkness
A pearl does shine:
“Still I am His child!”

When that beautiful vase
Slips from my hands ‘n falls,
Cracks ‘n breaks and scattered lies–
From its broken pieces
I see emerge a grand design:
“Still I am His child!”

When beneath a broom tree
I in fear and despair lie
And pray for life to die–
I wake to an angel’s touch
And eat of heaven-sent food:
“Still I am His child!”

When that urgent mail returns
With unopened seal; my faith trembles
And looks up to see starless nights–
Oh mournful song; death-scented breath,
Challenge me not, touch me not:
“Still I am His child!”

This poem came as a result of the Holy Spirit deeply impressing upon the author the thought that whatever happens, he is still God’s child. Even when he falls into sin (stanza 1), even when he makes mistakes (stanza 2), even when he is discouraged like Elijah (stanza 3), and even when prayers seem unanswered and fear of death lurks around (stanza 4), he was reminded that he is still God’s child!

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