Christmas Posts List of Articles

Christmas holds special relevance for us since the birth of Jesus was announced to be good news of great joy for all the people. These articles will help you focus on Jesus, who is the reason for the joy of the season!

Where Is Jesus in Our Christmas Celebrations?
Nothing is Impossible
The Star
The Wise Men
The Theme of Light
The Genealogy of Jesus
Jesus the King
The Humility of Jesus
No Room for Jesus!
Not Before Seeing Jesus the Christ
A Sword
John the Baptist–The Voice in the Desert
The Holy Spirit @ Christmas Time
Let Us Go to Bethlehem and See
A Sign
The Gift of God’s Son
Wonderful Counselor
Mighty God
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace
The Word Became Flesh
Do not be Afraid
Good News of Great Joy
More Privileged than Angels
The Unrecognized Jesus
The Fullness of Grace
A New Thing
Waiting–the Christmas Way
The Comforter
Follow the Star of Christmas
Face to Face with Dreams
Is Your Name in the List?
Because Jesus Came
Rising Above Rejection
Jesus the Compassionate Light
Tired of Waiting?
When Plans Are Upset
Worried About Your Smallness?
Jesus Carried Your Sorrows and Sins
Not Religious Traditions; but Seeing Jesus Is What Counts!
Wise Men Still Seek Jesus
Jesus–The Gift Indescribable!
Let There Be Light–the Coming of Jesus!
The Babe Who Leaped for Joy!
In the Beginning
Is Happy Holidays the Reason for the Christmas Season?
The Preacher’s Christmas (Story)
Our Burden-bearer
Even Our Failures
When Love and Loyalty Clashed ? (Story)
Have You Seen Real Angels?

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