Even Our Failures

The good news account in Matthew’s gospel begins with a long list of names.

In this list of names there are many who failed God at some crossroad in their lives. There are blemishes in the lives of many of the people mentioned here. Even a prostitute who turned to God in faith finds mention in the list. Yet God has included their names here.

The people mentioned in this list had different temperaments and character. Some of them had daring faith; while some others had glaring failures in their lives. Overall we find diverse personalities being joined together like linking beads in an ornament of exquisite beauty.

God blended them all together into his grand design. He used their lives to bring about the birth of his Son to this world. All this took centuries.

Therefore the long list of names tell you that God finds you useful; and in spite of most unlikely circumstances in your life, he can fit you perfectly into the working out of his great plans for good.
It is God’s grace that makes even our failures blend into His bigger picture. That grace came to us through Jesus Christ!

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