Not Religious Traditions; but Seeing Jesus Is What Counts!

This man moved into the temple courts of Jerusalem as directed by the Spirit of God. He knew that he was about to see something greater than the Jewish temple.

At that moment the Joseph and Mary were bringing the child Jesus to the temple as the Jewish traditions required. They came with a sacrifice of a pair of pigeons as they were poor and not able to afford a lamb.

This man, Simeon, took Jesus in his arms and said that he could now die in peace for “my eyes have seen your salvation.”

He, a man who was very religious, saw beyond his religious traditions and worship at the temple. He realized that all those observances were pointers to this child whom he was waiting to see all these years. He knew beyond doubt that salvation is not in man’s effort to please God, but in recognizing the child that God had sent to save man from his sins.

Further he said that this salvation is what God had prepared for all people. Christmas is therefore having your eyes opened to see the salvation of God in Jesus. It is not observing religious traditions that counts; but seeing Jesus and recognizing that he is God’s answer to man’s problem of sin.

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