Worried About Your Smallness?

Christmas brings relief to those who feel inferior. For the town of Bethlehem where Jesus was born was a small town. Even God acknowledged that fact.

Yet God chose this small town to be the birthplace of the Saviour of the world. What if this town had a mind and voice? It would have protested to God, “I am so small and insignificant. I am not worthy to receive the Son of God.”

Your sense of unworthiness is no barrier for God to do a great work through you. Christmas is a time to remember that God is doing some great things through insignificant people. If you are someone little known; know that God’s choice is often the weak things of the world.

It was when the Caesar’s ruled and Proud Rome was ruling the world that God send his Son to be born in a manger in a little known town. So when God has chosen you, do not protest to him about your smallness but rejoice that he will do great things through you from humble beginnings!

Whatever be the cause, inferiority complex has its roots in lies and deception. It happens when you believe wrong and unjust estimates about yourselves. Others might pressurize you to believe these lies or you might just be deceived to believe them on your own.

If you can learn to unmask these lies and deception; then you stand a greater chance to get out of inferiority complex. Indeed it is the truth that God loves you just as you are that will set you free.

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