Is Happy Holidays the Reason for the Christmas Season?

I have seen a strange thing happening. Invited guests often ignore the newly wedded couple. They are more interested in eating the good food provided for and meeting friends and relatives. All this is good. But they forget that the reason for the joyous occasion is the joining together of the bride and groom.

I am more amazed at the drunken parties that happen across the world in the name of a child born in a manger. What has his humble birth to do with such wild parties? Doesn’t it show that he still has got no room in the hearts of people? He is still not welcome because accepting him will change things upside down.

The need of today is a shift of focus, therefore: We have fallen in love with Santa Claus more than Jesus Christ; we love the gifts more than the One who gifted his Son to the world; we love wild partying in the name of happy holidays than bow down before God Almighty in worship. We remain comfortable in the name of One who had no place to lay his head.

Will these things change? If it does, the true spirit of Christmas has come!

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