The Humility of Jesus

Jesus gave up all His glory in heaven to be born a child on earth. It is like the waters of the entire oceans reducing itself to a drop of water in a glass. Or it is like the Sun reducing itself to a small spark left at the end of burnt scrap of paper. Such is the laying aside of His glory.

We can neither imagine it nor can we ever be able to clothe ourselves with humility in this fashion. Such is the magnitude of the humility of His coming down to earth.

The chief aspect of the humility of His birth lies not in His being born in a manger, but in His giving up of His equality with God (Ref. Philippians 2:6 NIV). He became man. The Creator Himself became part of His own creation!

The birth in the manger was an outward expression of His humility. Washing the disciple’s feet later in life was yet another instance. And being hung on a cross, lifted high, and being stripped of His clothes, to be gazed at by the multitudes was the ultimate expression and crown of His humility.

He truly came to serve. And He served in humility!

Let us look at our lives this Christmas. Do we hold on to our rights? Remember, if Jesus had held on to His equality with God, we would be wallowing in sin and misery even today. Let His example challenge us to give up our rightful rights for the benefit of the less fortunate.

Let us choose to give up our glory. For even though that leads us through the valley of humiliation and shame; in the end it brings glory. Jesus, because of His humility and obedience unto death on a cross, is now exalted to be at the right hand of God. He is now crowned with glory.

Therefore, Christmas is a challenge to us to review our own rights and consider giving up some of them at least. If we can do so, we become one with Him. And God esteems such who are humble in heart (Ref. Isaiah 66:2 NIV).

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