Follow the Star of Christmas

The star of Christmas is an eternal symbol of undying hope. Even today that blaze of light that illuminated the night sky at the time of the Saviour’s birth continues to shine a brilliant torch of hope in every human heart. It signals the end of a long wait, and the beginning of a difficult journey.

Therefore the star that rose at the Saviour’s birth is a wake up call to all.

It is a call to leave familiar landmarks behind and step out into unknown territory. The difficulties ahead might be great; the temptation to stay at home compelling, and doubts about the success of the journey overwhelming. Yet those who have chosen like the Wise Men to seek out Jesus have always been led to the right destination. To them, it was the travelling star that led them to Jesus.

As with any journey, the best-laid plans can go wrong. The Wise Men, for a brief period, instead of following the star reasoned that Jesus would be found in the palace and went there; but they did not meet him there. For they did not then know that Jesus the King was not born to rule by the power of force but through love and sacrifice!

Sometimes, as it happens with matters of the heart, logic can prove counterproductive in the search of truth; doesn’t it?

Yet the Wise Men continued their journey.

For quest for truth and a journey of hope cannot be given up just because the travellers took a wrong turn or met a dead end. The promise of God, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart,” should give us, as it did to them, endurance in the pursuit of truth.

As the Wise Men came out of the palace and continued their journey, they saw the star once again and were overjoyed. It led them to the house where Jesus was. The star had led them to their rightful King. They bowed down and worshipped him; then opened their treasures and presented him with gifts.

But how many of us quit just when at the next turn we might have reached our destination? How many of us look at obstacles and say, “the journey is too difficult”? Have we ever understood what we miss because we do not set out; even if that means setting out without knowing exact travel plans? Yes, to meet with God we need to brave the night with its darkness and all its terrors; for the light shines!

They, the Wise Men, had journeyed following the shining star; and now Jesus, the bright Morning Star had risen in their hearts!

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