Our Burden-bearer

There are roads each one of us has to travel alone. In those moments, someone walks along with us. Often we are unaware of his presence.

But at some point in the journey our eyes are opened to see the stranger who accompanies us. There is something about him that is more than a mere mortal. Our hearts warm at his presence.

The divine footprints on earthly soil tell us that the experience was real. He had indeed walked on earth. Christmas is the moment of recognition that he is walking along with us. No wonder they called him Immanuel meaning God with us.

But when we journey we often carry loads. Some of us are not bothered by their weight. Others are not even aware that they are bending low. The stranger seems to know what is pulling us down.

More than that, our thoughts are guided to that moment in our journey when we walked past a hill that was outside city limits. It was on top of it that a man was lifted high for all the world to see. He hung there between earth and sky naked and bleeding.

It was as if he said, “I take it all. I drink the cup of sorrow that all the load people carry have squeezed into it.”

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