Wise Men Still Seek Jesus

Often there is a mistaken thought that those who follow God are emotional people. Yet we find that some of the first people to recognize the birth of the Saviour were Wise Men from the land of Babylon or Persia. We can safely guess that those who came to see Jesus, born the King of the Jews, represented a class of advisors to the king of their own land.

Perhaps, contrary to popular belief, learned people do follow God and seek after him. For what is more logical: to trust in someone who definitely knew the exact purpose of his coming and to where he was going or to trust in theories which offer no authoritative or conclusive evidence of what they speak about?

The interesting thing to note was that when the Wise Men reached Jerusalem and the palace of King Herod, their inquiry about the new-born king was met with seriousness. Their tale of having seen the new-born king’s star in the East was not met with disbelief!

Possibly, the better known truth about them is that they presented to Jesus gifts of gold, myrrh and incense. But the lesser known fact, which is far more important, is that they worshipped Jesus first and then presented their gifts. They gave themselves to Jesus first. The gifts followed.

These people came after having seen a star in the East. These people were men of learning. It was their learning that helped them recognize the sign of the star as pointing to Jesus. They set out of the comfort of their homes and positions of royal authority because they thought it the greatest wisdom to seek out the King.

Truly, these learned men represent people from all lands who down the centuries have found through their learning that Jesus is indeed the power and wisdom of God!

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