Big things attract us easily but small things are not easily noted. Big things are given first choice by men but God often chooses the small things.

And then there are people who think small of themselves. There is not much in life they can be proud of. The only thing that they are conscious of is their own smallness. So they sometimes sideline themselves. They move away from the mainstream of activities. If they do not do so themselves, the “big” people will see that they are pushed back.

There they remain hidden from view. But then God’s spotlight bypasses the “big” crowd and often falls on the “small” people. Why? For He takes special notespecial note of them. The “big” people are so big in their own eyes that to them God is so small. But when the spotlight shines on the “small” people they become more conscious of their own smallness and stand in adoration of the bigness of God.

Therefore, God often bypasses the big things and chooses the small things. Thus He chose Bethlehem, though small1 among the clans of Judah to bring forth a ruler (Ref. Micah 5:2). Thus from the sheep pens, from tending sheep, God made David from Bethlehem King and Shepherd over Israel (Ref. Psalm 78:70,71). In a greater sense, a manger–a small thing–in Bethlehem became the cradle of the Christ-King, Jesus!

Christmas, therefore, is a celebration of God’s choice of small things and “small” people. For Joseph was a carpenter and Mary, probably a very simple girl from humble circumstances. Therefore let us rejoice in our smallness.

1 Emphasis added by author.

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