My Soul’s Thirst for God

Reference: Psalm 42:1, 2

Discouraged brother/sister, there is no time like this to thirst after God. Many reasons might have clouded your mind with discouragement.

It can be some sin, some failure from your part, financial worries, broken relationships or even poor health. Whatever it be, now is the time to thirst after God.

Something has come between you and God. It is stealing away your joy. Even as you weep thinking of good times of fellowship you had with God and his people, encourage yourself with the thought that God is still going to shine his face upon you and give you peace.

He will show you favour once again even when others are asking you, “Where is your God?” Deliverance and healing and restoration from God will come to you.

The secret is to thirst after God. So many people, when they grow discouraged, simply give up. They walk away from their relationship with God. Whatever be the reason for your troubled heart, return to God right now with praise on your lips.

It is when the streams run dry that the deer pants for water. That is not the time it will stop thinking about drinking water. Instead it is the time it will long more for it. So also should you.

When God seems to be hiding from you, search for him with greater desire and eagerness. Your search will be rewarded. Your downcast soul shall be lifted up in joy. You will yet praise your God.

Your hope is in God. Therefore changing circumstances need not frighten you. Who knows whether these difficult times are send your way so that you will long for a deeper relationship with God.

If all the days were bright and sunny; none of us would seek God with an intense desire. So thirst after God; for he alone can satisfy your deepest needs. Do not be disturbed any longer. You shall yet praise your God!

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