Good News of Great Joy

There are lots of news in the world. And there are many forms of media and many journalists. The question is what news have they got to communicate? Mostly the media today revolves around political, business, entertainment, cultural and sports news. Maybe it is putting it too simply, yet the truth of the matter is that what is said here is true.

But then there is the tragic news too. The media today is filled with reports of violence; both communal and domestic, natural calamities and disasters, crime, drug trafficking, and abuse of women and children. It is a sad world that we live in. So the truth is that most of the news in the world that makes it to the News is sad. But what about all those little sad stories around little, remote places in the world that does never make the news. Indeed, it is a sad world and that is sad news indeed.

But man has a way of making it appear all bright and fair. So he tries to make up for sadness by painting events of glamor and glitter. Of course these great events is great news. Most of them spectacular. Most of them do entertain. But these kind of news do not change the sad world much. They cheer up the heart for some time. Then they need some other news to cheer them up again.

It is in this context that we should think of the good news that was first announced by the angel. Why was it good news?

First of all, it was God coming down to men. Imagine that. God Himself coming down to share in the human life and to be part of His own creation; accepting all the limitations of man. This is good news indeed.

Secondly, it was God’s answer to man’s problem of sin. Sin separated a holy God from sinful men. The good news is that God was providing the only solution Himself. What man cannot and could not do, God was doing for them. Indeed, good news–A Savior is born!

Thirdly, amidst all bad news, there came hope. Jesus came as light to this dark world. He can illuminate any dark heart with the assurance of His friendship, forgiveness and a new life. More than that the hope of eternal life; a life with God for ever and ever was offered through Him. This is good news!

Finally, the good news today is that the Holy Spirit is working the wonder of Jesus’ birth again and again in the lives of countless people. People are born again into God’s kingdom. That means that even when they are here, they are also there. Even while they live on earth, they enjoy a citizenship in heaven.

Therefore the birth of the Savior Jesus is good news of great joy. It is good news because this news is not for just a privileged few. It is for all people. It destroys all barriers of nationality, race, religion, caste, class, rich and poor. In this sense, this is global news. Therefore it is proclaimed all around the world even today.

Oh, yes, the good news is of great joy because it is for you!

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