Jesus! He Is God!

A loud voice like a trumpet. The sound of the waves all around is drowned. Alert, John turned around to see the voice that was speaking to him.

Now John was someone who saw Jesus as the Son of God with keener eye and clarity than anyone else (John 1:14, 20:31). Yet God had to … Read the rest

The Call to Die

The resurrection of Jesus is a call and a reminder. It is a reminder that when Jesus died all those who believe in him also died with him. It is a call to apply that death in our life.

In a sense we do not fully understand, we too died with Christ. It does not … Read the rest

None Like Him!

The picture most of us have in mind about Jesus is limited. We often think of him as a gentle person. True. He was so while on earth, and even now he is caring and compassionate. Yet we too need, like John in exile in the Island of Patmos had, a vision of the risen … Read the rest

The [Empty] Tomb of Jesus!

The tomb holds great significance in the life of Jesus.

He died like a little child falling asleep into his heavenly Father’s arms with the prayer every little child was taught by a Jewish mother to pray as he was retiring to sleep at night (Psalm 31:5, Luke 23:46).

He then got a borrowed tomb … Read the rest

This Same Jesus Will Come Back

This same Jesus will come back (see Acts 1:11).

He and not another. What a blessed hope. That is the last message the disciples got as they looked up into the sky.
The certainty of his coming is assured. The manner of his coming will be the same way he went up to heaven.
Why … Read the rest

“Follow Me!”

Have you ever wondered what the risen Lord would tell you if he meets with you today? He would say “Follow me!”
He said that to Peter twice in rapid succession (see John 21:19 and 22). To Peter the call was very clear. He was to follow his Master to death. Legends say Peter was … Read the rest

Dashed Hopes and Dead Ends!

Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified. Two disciples made their way to Emmaus on Sunday evening after the crucifixion. The seven mile journey was long, but more lonely that day as they were sad and their faces downcast.

The risen Lord drew near to them, talked with them and walked along with them. He does … Read the rest

Are You Looking for Jesus?

“For I know that you are looking for Jesus (Matthew 28:5).”

The resurrection message is for those who are looking for Jesus! The women could have easily stayed at home that morning. Like how the disciples did. But their coming to the tomb was the expression of a deliberate attempt to look for Jesus.

How … Read the rest

“It is I myself.”

“It is I myself.”

Doubts and fears has to leave at this assurance from Jesus, “It is I myself (Luke 24:39).”
There is no dark room which cannot be set ablaze with light at this assurance from him, “It is I myself.”

He says this to remind you and me that he is the same … Read the rest

“My Lord and My God!”

Most of us find a terrible joy in labelling people negatively. Perhaps no one else among the disciples of Jesus got a negative label than Thomas. We love to call him “Doubting Thomas.”

But the more I think about it, the incident related to the risen Lord appearing to Thomas is about how Jesus deals … Read the rest

Every Heart Has a Locked Room!

Are you in a locked room?

Every heart has a locked room. That is where you hide when you are afraid. The risen Lord steps into such hiding places and says “Peace be with you!” (John 20:19, 21a).

Jesus does not desire that you lock yourself in fear. Not only does he grant peace but … Read the rest

Are You Sent?

In John’s gospel we see Jesus constantly referring to himself as the “sent One.” In his appearance to his disciples gathered in a locked room the evening of resurrection day, Jesus said to them, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you (John 20:21).”

This emphasis on being sent is one fact that … Read the rest

“I Have Seen the Lord!”

News it was! If she went running and reported to the disciples the first time that the tomb was empty; this time she went with the news, “I have seen the Lord (John 20:18).”

It tells us the fact that the good news is a natural response and outcome of a personal meeting with the … Read the rest

Will You Fail Him Again?

If you miss the resurrection, you might end up going back to your old ways. Why? Because without experiencing the resurrection you feel like a failure. And that is what made Peter say, “I am going out to fish (John 21:3).”

The very fact that Jesus met Peter after the resurrection and still Peter went … Read the rest

Had Hoped! Is Hope Over?

“But we had hoped (Luke 24:21).” This is often our statement of faith; isn’t it? When our expectations are not met and God seems to have failed us, we talk of hope in the past tense.

Jesus confronted the lost hope of these two disciples. Jesus extended their thoughts to beyond the cross and the … Read the rest

But Some Doubted!

But some doubted (Matthew 28:17). The eleven disciples worshipped Jesus when they saw the risen Jesus. But some doubted.

Did Jesus reject those who doubted? Does Jesus put away those who doubt? My friend, doubt is not a disqualification. Jesus had the task of establishing the doubters after his resurrection. Even today he will do … Read the rest

The Scriptures Speak About Jesus!

Why did Jesus after his resurrection choose not to go and show himself to those who crucified him? Well that thought is a temptation. Because the devil while tempting him had said, “If you are the Son of God (Matthew 4:3, 6),” then do this. But Jesus turned his attention to “It is written (Matthew … Read the rest