The Call to Die

The resurrection of Jesus is a call and a reminder. It is a reminder that when Jesus died all those who believe in him also died with him. It is a call to apply that death in our life.

In a sense we do not fully understand, we too died with Christ. It does not talk about physical death but becoming dead to sin. If we count that real in our life, then we have a great power with us to face temptation.

When temptation strikes we need to remind ourselves that we already died to sin. The point is that a dead man is not tempted by anything that he had an attraction to or obsession within life.

So the more we are aware about our being united with Jesus in his death, the more we are able to count ourselves dead to sin. So make it a practice each day to meditate on the cross and our being crucified with Christ. And therefore dead to sin.

But that is not all. Death is not the end. But it is the gateway to life. The more we know we are united with Christ in his death, the greater reality will be his resurrection in our lives. We are alive to God in Christ Jesus.

In simple words the reminder is that you died to sin. So no longer is there a need to obey its sinful appeals. And the call is to realize this truth more and more daily so that the great power of his resurrection will operate in your life. This truth shall set you free.

Based on Romans 6:1–14.

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