Had Hoped! Is Hope Over?

“But we had hoped (Luke 24:21).” This is often our statement of faith; isn’t it? When our expectations are not met and God seems to have failed us, we talk of hope in the past tense.

Jesus confronted the lost hope of these two disciples. Jesus extended their thoughts to beyond the cross and the grave. He revealed himself to them as Jesus the risen one. With Jesus, hope is never in the past tense. He is ever present with us. That is the message of the resurrection.

If you have started talking about hope in the past tense what you need is a return to the Scriptures. Their hearts were burning within them as Jesus opened to them the Scriptures concerning him (Luke 24:32). As you read and meditate on the Bible faith in your heart will be kindled. It will burn brightly again (Romans 10:17).

When that happens “We had hoped” is forgotten. It suddenly gives way to a joyous news that has to be shared. You run with the news. Have you ever done that? It happens when you know that Jesus is alive. And he can turn around your “had hoped,” to present tense faith.

Suddenly those who stood still with their faces downcast (Luke 23:17) journeyed to let others know that their faith is no longer “had hoped,” but about the truth of a risen Lord (Verses 33–35).

Now there is one more thought. While the two disciples reported this and they were still taking about these things, Jesus stood among them (v.36). Earlier it was when the two disciples who journeyed to Emmaus were talking about Jesus of Nazareth (v. 19) that Jesus came up and walked along with them.

Hey friend, it is when you talk and discuss about Jesus with your fellow believers that the risen Christ draws near and comes to you. It is then that your “had hoped” experience is changed to joy. But then the question is, “What is the topic of your conversation when you meet with fellow believers?” Does Jesus mean that much to you that he is the focal point of your conversations?

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How often Jesus is the subject of discussion when you meet with your friends?

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