Will You Fail Him Again?

If you miss the resurrection, you might end up going back to your old ways. Why? Because without experiencing the resurrection you feel like a failure. And that is what made Peter say, “I am going out to fish (John 21:3).”

The very fact that Jesus met Peter after the resurrection and still Peter went out fishing is food for thought. The nagging thought that he had failed his master made him forget his calling to be a fisher of men. What failure in your life is making you to go back to old ways?

See, there is no leader like Jesus in this world who has invested so fully, completely, and absolutely in failures. He is a realist knowing your past. But at the same time he is an absolutely convinced futurist as to what you can truly become in him.

The problem with the “I am a failure” attitude is that it can pull down many others especially if they look up to you as a leader. See Peter did not go out to fish alone. When he said he is going fishing, six disciples joined him. Well, Jesus cannot just wait to see his core group go bite a failure syndrome and just disappear from the scene of duty.

He will confront you today as he confronted Peter that day. The only question he wants to ask you today is, “Do you truly love me more than these (John 21:15?” More than all your loved ones, more than your profession, more than the security you find in your material possessions?

Well friend, he will repeatedly ask you this question. You might get hurt (see v. 17) in the process because in your innermost heart you know that you love him. At the same time the question is being asked in a gentle way. The Shepherd has prepared something for you. “Come and have breakfast (John 21:12),” he says.

The resurrection is therefore an invitation to eat at the table Jesus has prepared for you. It also means that you will be questioned about your love for him.

Will you fail him again?

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