But Some Doubted!

But some doubted (Matthew 28:17). The eleven disciples worshipped Jesus when they saw the risen Jesus. But some doubted.

Did Jesus reject those who doubted? Does Jesus put away those who doubt? My friend, doubt is not a disqualification. Jesus had the task of establishing the doubters after his resurrection. Even today he will do that for you.

Now what were they doubting? I have no clue. But probably they were wondering what lay ahead. Jesus did not prove to be the Messiah—the political deliverer they had expected. In fact, in their eyes Jesus died a criminal’s shameful death on the cross.

They might have wondered what this Man was going to do now after he rose from the dead. Even now he was not having any intention to go and show himself alive to those in Jerusalem who crucified him. Instead he had taken them back to Galilee where his teaching ministry was (Luke 24:6–8).

No showmanship even now from Jesus. Is that your problem too? Is life too ordinary, filled with boring routines and commonplace tasks. And there is no grand display of God’s miraculous powers. See, even the resurrection did not take doubts away. The point is doubts are not dealt with by miracles; not at all.

Jesus however had an answer for their doubts. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Matthew 28:18).” That means all kings and governments; the fury of nature and all circumstances surrounding your life bows to his authority. Even when you have doubts go back to this verse. ALL authority!

Again, Jesus had a commission for them. Doubters included. “Therefore go (v. 19).” You may have doubts. But go. Why? Because he is sending you. You are under his authority. You are under orders. My friend, do you have any right to take decisions on your own without consulting him who is given ALL authority? Think about it.

Finally, Jesus had a promise for them. Even to the doubters. “Surely I am with you (v. 20).” He did not promise good times and material blessings. But he promised his never failing presence. Even in your worst moments of doubt he is near you. For you are his, and he is yours, and his banner over you is love (Song of Songs 2:16, 4)!

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Will you believe a magician? At the end of the day you know that he is showing tricks. The magicians of Egypt were no different. But Jesus performed his miracles–miracles which made a difference in peoples’ lives—to manifest the glory of the One who sent him.

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