Do You Consider It Incredible That God Raises the Dead?

Speakers often raise questions which provoke thought. Such questions are primarily asked not to seek an answer but to hit really hard at the thinking patterns of the audience. We find such a question in Paul’s speech before King Agrippa.

He asked, “Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead (Acts 26:8)?”

Honestly, many people have come up with theories about creation simply because they find the truth of Scripture which states, “In the beginning God created (Genesis 1:1)” unbelievable. Similarly, many people do not believe that there is life after death in the sense God has described it in the Bible. Therefore many have come up with theories about how life ends with death or goes on in different cycles after death.

Behind all this is disbelief in the absolute power of God. It expresses man’s very limited understanding of God’s extraordinary might. How foolish it is to put God’s power on side and rocket science and nuclear power on the other. God is God because his power is beyond our wildest imagination. And Death is under his dominion. He will call everyone dead back to life and after that the judgement (Hebrews 9:27).

Again, death is not the end of one’s individuality. The resurrection points out the fact that each individual is going to be raised up at God’s decided point in time. Both good and bad will be resurrected (Daniel 12:1, 2). Those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of life are rewarded with life that lasts. Those who are not are punished in everlasting fire (Rev. 20:12, 15; 21:27).

Therefore Paul’s question demands our careful attention and response. It compels us to think about God’s power, our disbelief, and also our eternal destiny. Choices we make here on earth will determine how we spend our lives after death.

Paul’s question also comes from his personal encounter with the risen Christ on the Damascus road. He is energised to meet all opposition because the reality of Jesus the risen one is no story but fact and experience in his life. See, as he spoke on Jesus rising from the dead, he was interrupted (Acts 26:24). Why? Because he was not only pointing to the Scriptures; but his personal encounter with the risen Jesus gave his words the true power of witness.

Does your witness to Christ and his resurrection has this ring of truth to it? Watch out! Disbelief in God and his absolute power might be pulling you down!

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