When God Comes Searching for You!

Some moments in life cannot be forgotten. One such moment is when God comes searching for you. It can be a time when you had sinned and walked away from him.

More often it can be a time of barrenness when nothing good seems to happen and you are depressed. Out of nowhere God brings a news of cheer, comfort, hope and joy.

It kindles a new energy in you to seek God. Memories of his past goodness come flooding in. Your heart is moved to gratitude.

You suddenly know that in spite of your many failures God has not given up on you. You realize that God is not mad at you. And you are once again ready to be useful in God’s work.

Dear friend, in your difficult times, remember there are occasions even during seasons of famine God opens the floodgates of heaven and sends his blessing (2 Kings 7:18).

And if you are tired of waiting for God, know that great is his goodness that he has stored up for you. He showers them on you because you fear him. And that too in front of others (Psalm 31:19)!

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