When God Is Offering You Mercy, Do Not Refuse It!

When God is offering you something, do not dare to refuse it. Especially when he is offering mercy to you. Not that you deserve it. No. Not at all. God sees you are faithless. Yet he is offering mercy to you today.

What is your faithlessness? It is showing your back to your relationship with God and seeking out others or even material things. Sometimes your devotion to other people superseded your devotion to God.

In spite of all this and knowing all about your backsliding, God is calling you to return. If you return, God says, “I will frown on you no longer for I am merciful.” He also says, “I will not be angry forever.” (See Jeremiah 3:12).

See, this is a time when God is showing mercy to you. Whatever is your sin, he is able and willing to show you mercy. The one thing expected of you is that you acknowledge your guilt for you have rebelled against God. Your disobedience too has to be confessed (see 3:13).

Return, for God is calling you. Why spend your time in misery when you are invited with an offer of mercy? He is calling you to an intimate relationship with him (see 3:14). That is the loveliness of God’s call. If you return he will restore you to your rightful.place (Luke 15:22).

Why delay? The door of mercy will not always remain open. There came a day when the door of Noah’s ark was shut by God (Genesis 7:16b). Now is the time of God’s mercy to you. Return to God my friend. Do not delay.

Gift offers and vouchers are an image from everyday shopping life. It also regretfully reminds us that no offer is valid for ever. Yet, the offer of mercy from God stays open since the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is the longest run offer in history. But that too has an end, says the Bible; avail of it before it expires.

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