Confidence in Your Elder Brother!

What is the feeling of a little boy as he walks the street with his big elder brother? Confidence is the answer in one word. Confidence in the elder brother’s protective care, sure about his ability to meet any crisis, and almost an attitude of boasting to kids of his age “See, big brother is with me.”

In a real sense, your elder brother Jesus (Romans 8:29, Hebrews 2:11) became God with us. With him, do you enjoy the confidence the little boy enjoys? If not look again at what God with us means. It means the end of fear. For when you are fully convinced that God is with you, is there anything he cannot handle in your life?

Sure there are moments we do not feel or see his presence. But his coming to be with us is real. Shadows may hide him, but there is no change to the fact that he is with us. Never again you are alone.

Why not make Immanuel real in your life? Thank him for his constant presence with you. He is with you in your darkness today. And he says, I am with you, do not fear.

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