Tips on How to Overcome Temptation

Is there any man or woman who has not been tempted? With what or by whom is not the point. The whole question is about how do you respond to temptation; whatever that be.

Now if that is the case, you need to know that if something keeps on knocking at the door of your … Read the rest

Can I Earn My Forgiveness?

So many people suffer from guilt. It need not be a great crime like murder that troubles, but it can be the little wrongs they have done.

Their past haunts them.
They suffer silently as their minds torture them.
They feel someone accusing them all the time.
Unable to open up to anyone they carry … Read the rest

About God’s Will and Right Sexual Conduct


So many youngsters are worried about finding God’s will. In today’s world they are more in confusion about right sexual conduct.

The Bible speaks about this in very clear terms.


That means run away from sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:18, 2 Tim 2:22). So do not stay in a place, situation or in Read the rest

How to Receive Blessings

Seek God; His blessings will follow you.
Seek blessings; you forget the One who gives it.

God blesses those who obey Him.
For all His promises have a tag attached, which reads:
“IF you obey Me, then specified blessings will be given you.”

His favor rests on those who fear Him;
And not on those … Read the rest

Are You Struggling with Masturbation?

You have hope. You are not a failure in God’s eyes because you are struggling with the habit of masturbation!

You’re probably reading this article because you are longing to find victory over this sinful habit. You have struggled to overcome this habit for so many years; but have failed. Each time you failed, you … Read the rest

When Doubts Arise about Creation

The Christian world has been rocked by attacks by atheists and evolutionists. This has really shaken the faith of many. Many people believe that Science has somehow disproved the existence of God. Others think that man’s achievements has replaced the need for God. But the truth is that each discovery made by man is telling … Read the rest

A New Motivation for Purity

Sinful wickedness is on the increase everyday. Through many forms of entertainment there is an open promotion of sinful attitudes in the world today.

And Christians are exposed to these things. And they are corrupting the thinking patterns of Christians.

This is a grave problem. The old ways of fighting this menace won’t help much … Read the rest

The Name of Jesus

There is great deal of comfort for a believer in the Name of Jesus. It is a name that God has given Jesus. This name is above every name. And God’s purpose in this name is that, “at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, … Read the rest

Battling Depression

The word depression immediately brings thoughts of darkness. Yes, depression can be described as absence of light. It can also be absence of joy. When all the world seems happy and asks us to be like them we simply can’t. The sadness is increased when nobody understands what we are passing through. They come out … Read the rest

Get Rid of Anger

Anger is dangerous. If it is allowed to rage uncontrolled it can destroy relationships easily. This is one area where Christians need to watch out. There may be many occasions when you need to be angry. The anger we refer to here is unnecessary anger the cause of which lies in pride. It is usually … Read the rest

Start Praying Now

The simplest step of prayer is the most neglected one. That one single step is to start to pray. Planning to pray might not work. Finding the right moment to pray might delay the first step by years. The best thing is to pray now. But if you find it difficult you need to ask … Read the rest

Conquering Your Fear of Death

Many Christians are often tormented by the fear of death. Yet it is a deceptive attack of the devil. When he succeeds in putting the fear of death in your minds he effectively destroys your peace of mind and also destroys your ability to tell others about Christ.

You have to note that this attack … Read the rest

Being Honest with God

We act all the time everyday; not in movies but in our interaction with others. We put on masks. We wear one at home, put on another at the workplace and yet another at the Church. And the most difficult part comes when at times the masks are accidentally removed at the wrong places to … Read the rest

God’s Best Music comes from Flawed Instruments  (Part 4) Inferiority Because of Feelings of Insignificance

There are many Christians who suffer because they think that they are insignificant. If you are one of those, right away, let me ask you a logical question: “Would Christ have died for you if you were insignificant?” Can you answer this question honestly? If you can, your thoughts of insignificance would disappear immediately! Or, … Read the rest

Resist the Devil

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:17 NIV).

In your struggle against the devil you lose many times because you do not resist him. The devil is an enemy who flees when resisted. This is a truth that you need to understand. But then why does … Read the rest

Taming Your Tongue (Part 3)

There are many well-meaning Christians who unknowingly glorify Satan in their talks constantly. This happens when they are obsessed with finding demonic activity in every bad incident that comes across their way. Then they keep saying that the devil did this and did that. But sadly they are yielding worship to the devil by doing … Read the rest

Taming Your Tongue (Part 2)

One of the characteristics of the tongue which James points out is worth a closer look. He says that the tongue can corrupt the whole person and can set the whole course of his life on fire.

We need to take this to heart. What we speak has a powerful influence on our entire being. … Read the rest

Taming Your Tongue (Part 1)

One of the greatest expositions in the entire Bible on the Tongue occurs at James 3: 1 to 12. Read it and take it to heart. James tells us that though the tongue is a small part of the body it makes great boasts. It is also like a fire and world of evil corrupting … Read the rest