Start Praying Now

The simplest step of prayer is the most neglected one. That one single step is to start to pray. Planning to pray might not work. Finding the right moment to pray might delay the first step by years. The best thing is to pray now.

But if you find it difficult you need to ask whether it is laziness, unforgiveness or sin that is preventing you from praying. If it is not any of these it might be the lack of desire to pray.

The desire to pray is born out of the desire to have a more intimate communion with God. Yet it is found that this desire is not so strong in the hearts of a majority of Christians. They might have been kept from praying because of wrong ideas about prayer.

So it is best to start praying by asking God to give you a desire to pray. It was when this desire was ignited in their minds that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray.

Once you get started, it is all a continuous learning process. The Holy Spirit will Himself guide you in your prayer (Ref. Romans 8:26,27). Isn’t it a precious thought that God Himself is helping us to pray to Him!

Maybe the most important thing to remember is that Jesus taught the disciples that they should always pray and not give up. So you need to persevere in praying.

It is not enough to have begun to pray. The need is to continue it in prosperous times as well as in difficult times. The watchword is “never give up” your efforts to pray. Definitely there will come a lot of distractions and oppositions to prayer because Satan opposes prayer.

That is why Jesus asked his disciples to: “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak” (Matthew 26:41 & Mark 14:38 NIV). So to keep yourself from falling into temptation it is absolutely necessary to pray.

So start to pray now and never give up. Then you’ll enjoy God’s favor, power and presence in your life!

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