Being Honest with God

We act all the time everyday; not in movies but in our interaction with others. We put on masks. We wear one at home, put on another at the workplace and yet another at the Church.

And the most difficult part comes when at times the masks are accidentally removed at the wrong places to reveal the “real you” within you. Then it creates heartaches and tears not only for you but all those related to you.

This happens mainly because you have not been honest with God. You are able to wear masks before people because you were a mask before God. Yet know that it does not help to enable you have a walk of victory.

To walk in the freedom of life that God has granted you in Jesus Christ you need to be open and honest before God. “How honest should I be?” you might ask. “Be painfully honest with God” is the answer.

Moses, David, Elijah, Jonah, Peter and Paul; all were honest with God. Some of them complained. Some of them confessed. Some of them said that they were afraid. Yes, they were all painfully honest with God.

Being honest with God doesn’t happen automatically. You have to find time to spend with God talking to him from the depths of your heart. Remember God knows it all, every single pulse of your thoughts and actions even before you say it.

Yet when you talk to God openly about your sins, your heartaches, your anger, your disappointments, your frustrations; there is a cleansing and purification that takes place.

The hardest of them all is confession of sin. Yet when you bare it open before Him honestly without trying to make excuses, then you are allowing God to forgive you and help you move on.

Then you’ll experience God very near to you: “The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth” (Psalm 145:18 NIV). That means being honest with God.

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