How to Receive Blessings

Seek God; His blessings will follow you.
Seek blessings; you forget the One who gives it.

God blesses those who obey Him.
For all His promises have a tag attached, which reads:
“IF you obey Me, then specified blessings will be given you.”

His favor rests on those who fear Him;
And not on those who try to manipulate His Word for profit.
Give to God as your heart prompts you; not as someone else prompts you.
Give to God cheerfully. May it be an expression of your love to God.
May it be an expression of thankfulness.

Remember, He is your Father. He watches over you; every step of your way.
He will give what you need exactly when you need it.
Never forget; He is a giving God. He gave Jesus.
Therefore seek God.
Then blessings will follow you.

For what good is there in having a house full of luxurious goods
when there is none to share your joy?
What good is there in having all blessings
if you cannot enjoy the love and undying romance of a relationship with God?

In the midst of campaigns teaching you to seek blessings from God,
learn now a different tune:
Seek God; for His heart yearns for you
more than a mother yearns for her newborn baby.
Yearn for Him and His love, today.
For the world is yet to see a Lover who can love like Him.

The proof: The sacrificial Lamb of God and His blood at the cross of calvary!

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