The Struggle of Young Christians against Repeated Sins (Part 1) The Struggle

Christian youth face a lot of temptations in the world today. They are surrounded by a lot of invitations to sinful thinking and action. Their friends talk and try to convince them that what they do is no sin at all.

What they read, hear and see in the media add to the confusion. And when they are not taught what the Bible really speaks about these, they are caught in a cruel web of sin.

The more they try to get out of it, the more they sink into it. The struggle to adjust to the emotional and physical changes taking place during youth can add to the confusion.

Then there are desires that seem so strong and hard to control. Nobody seems to talk about them openly and it seems to you that you are cut off from God.

Your pain is more because you really want to love and serve God. You confess your sins each time and resolve not to sin again. But many times as soon as you rise from your knees you find wrong thoughts in your mind again.

You struggle and struggle to keep it out but to no avail. And more than that you find your wild fantasies so horrible that you think that you are the only person in the world having such vile thoughts. So you think that God will now destroy you. And you are in misery again.

Sometimes in spite of your best efforts you sadly see that to satisfy your wrong desires you are led to think and act in more wicked ways. But even those don’t give you satisfaction.

Instead it fills your mind with more guilt and you think your case a hopeless one. You are compelled to think that you life is a waste and it would be good to die. But wait. God speaks love and hope to you today.

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