The LORD Stood Above the Ladder!

A sunset. Can it have this kind of impact? Yes, when God is the key player in the drama.

The sun had set when Jacob rested his head on a stone pillow. He then had a dream. A ladder touching heaven and resting on earth. Angels of God were going up and down on it.

What a glorious dream. But we miss the point if we forget that the LORD … Read the rest

What Does it Mean To Be Saved by Grace?

We are saved by the grace of our Lord Jesus (Acts 15:11). What does this mean?

First of all it means that our salvation does not depend on anything else like our family heritage, church traditions, our good living or works of charity (see Ephesians 2:7–9). Our salvation is God-given as a gift. You can do nothing else but accept it thankfully.

So stop trying to get to heaven on … Read the rest

What Does the Name of Jesus Mean to You?

Following the death and resurrection of Jesus his name began to impact people. Even today it does with the same dynamite power. Jesus! What does his name mean to you?

First of all the Bible declares that the name of Jesus is the only name given under heaven by which people will be saved (Acts 4:12). Therefore all who call on his name will be saved (Acts 2:21). Jesus!

Secondly, … Read the rest

God’s Compassions Never Fail

Did you wake up with heaviness in your heart this morning?

Perhaps you were troubled by disturbing dreams at night. Or you had promised God not to do something again; but did it one more time.

Sometimes your problems and worries looked so large and threatening. There was great fear in your heart and mind.
Or it might have been the memory of some sin you committed long ago which … Read the rest

What You Need Is a Word from Jesus!

All that was needed was a word from Jesus. The man took Jesus at his word and left (John 4:50). This is the story of great faith we all can attempt to follow.

In this story we have a royal official seeking out Jesus for the healing of his son who was dying. This man risks travelling twenty miles to meet Jesus leaving the bedside of his dying son! Not … Read the rest

When God Comes Searching for You!

Some moments in life cannot be forgotten. One such moment is when God comes searching for you. It can be a time when you had sinned and walked away from him.

More often it can be a time of barrenness when nothing good seems to happen and you are depressed. Out of nowhere God brings a news of cheer, comfort, hope and joy.

It kindles a new energy in you … Read the rest

The Conveyor Belt that Carries Worries Away!

Honestly, how many of us take Jesus’ command “Do not worry” seriously? If we are not taking it seriously it means that our relationship with him has to improve. We need to spend more quality time with God.

Remember Jesus did not worry because he took time to be with God everyday. The more public his ministry became the more he sought God in secret prayer.

Jesus commanded us not … Read the rest

What Does the List of Names in Matthew Chapter 1 Mean to You Today?

Why a list of names to begin the story of Jesus (Matthew 1)? What is its personal application to you?

First of all, you as an individual is of great value to God. Therefore he remembers names, knows you by name and calls you by name. You are personally known by God (Pslam 139, Isaiah 43:1, John 10:3b).

Secondly, he has a plan. The list of names show us that … Read the rest

Grab Your Opportunity. Jesus of Nazareth Is Passing By!

You might not get another chance. So grab this opportunity. Forget about what others say. Cry out, because Jesus of Nazareth is passing by (Luke 18:37).

Others who are not so desperate as you; others who are already walking along with him might tell you to shut up. Oh, don’t commit that mistake, for Jesus of Nazareth is passing by!

Because of the loud cry of the blind beggar Jesus … Read the rest

Follow Me!

“Follow me.” Jesus is calling you.
He is calling you to himself. Most people fear what he is going to ask them to do. The truth is that when you truly follow him you will find joy in doing what he wants you to do.

“Follow me.”
Jesus is calling you to die (Luke 9:23, 24). Surprised! Shocked! Yes, you cannot follow Jesus truly unless you die to your ambitions, … Read the rest