Patterns from the Bible

Patterns from the Bible

As we read the Bible, we come across patterns. Patterns become recognizable when a reader sees a spiritual truth that is stated in one part of the Bible being repeated in a similar fashion in yet another portion of the Bible.The very fact that God has said something twice means that He wants us to take careful note of what He has said. This is important when we consider what Joseph said to Pharaoh as he interpreted his dreams: “The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon” (Genesis 41:32 NIV).

When God gives us the same truth in TWO FORMS we have to take careful note of it. So patterns, by virtue of the same truth being found repeated in two forms at least in two portions in the Bible, demands our careful attention. Therefore, in this section we try to unveil the grand design of Biblical patterns.

One thing to note is that these patterns are not easily visible. Its presence is felt only after numerous prayerful readings of the entire Bible. But even then the pattern has to be carefully picked out like a golden thread which has been woven intricately and skillfully into the fabric of the Biblical text. Therefore, from that particular Bible text, only those incidents that form part of the pattern are highlighted in the explanation of examples cited.

Benefits of Study of Patterns

There are at least three ways in which we can benefit from a study of Patterns:

  1. We learn that God has a purpose in all His dealings with us. Some of those dealings follow a definite order which we can learn through Biblical patterns.
  2. We learn that God has truly put His inspirational signature on the Scriptures. An understanding of Biblical patterns should encourage us to study the Bible more and more.
  3. We learn that Biblical patterns can help us understand what is happening in our lives. This may not always be possible. Yet much of our spiritual struggles, failures, growth and victory can be plotted on some Biblical Pattern Maps.

It will help you understand where you stand at that point of time and where you’re headed to. If at all it becomes clear from Biblical patterns that you’re headed the wrong way, with God’s help you can change directions to reach a destination of God’s choice and blessing.

There are different categories of Patterns found in the Bible:

1. Process Patterns

2. Mirror Patterns

3. Character Signatures 

4. Comparative Patterns

So Love’s Ark is presenting you Biblical Patterns with the sure hope that it will challenge you to love the Bible more and help you understand God’s dealings with you better.


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