Mirror Patterns

There are certain patterns in the Bible that are unmistakable mirror images of each other. By looking closely at such instances in the Bible, we can learn much about how our lives are impacted by certain powerful spiritual prinicples.

In some Mirror Patterns you might be able to find a process in operation if you look closely and carefully. Though that is the case, there is a reason why it is included not in Process Patterns but in Mirror Patterns. That is, in Mirror Patterns it is not the process that is dominant but the theme. So in all Mirror Patterns you’ll find a single dominant theme. We call it a truth-beam because like a sunbeam the theme shines like a beam of truth.

So in all Mirror Patterns you have the truth-beam as the title of the pattern. Then as in Process Patterns you have the definition of the Pattern. It is followed by two examples which are presented as mirror Reflections of the truth-beam. At the end of each Reflection there is a Zoom In section highlighting how the truth-beam operated in that particular example. The presentation is concluded with Pattern Application telling you how this truth-beam can be applied to your life.

  1. Confirmation Brings Knowledge
  2. Attack Follows Anointing
  3. Revealed Strength Destroys
  4. Indestructible God’s Word (for Christian Authors)
  5. Lavished Love Criticized
  6. Enjoying God’s Favor
  7. Delays Frustrate Obedience

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