Lot–Distressed and Tormented by Lawlessness

There is great immorality in the world today. But the danger from it is more because we are taught to tolerate it.

If we look at the way in which concepts of morality has changed in the last few decades, it would be very clear. Those actions that were thought to be the ultimate form of sin some decades ago are now tolerated and accepted as normal human behavior.

The danger is doubly increased because the Church which ought to have been the beacon light calling people to danger has now itself become a place of darkness. The danger is triply increased because if the Church keeps on tolerating sin it would be judged along with the wicked.

In Focus
Look at Lot. Because of a bad choice he had made he found himself living amidst wicked men. Yet their wickedness did not find a lodging place in his heart.

He kept himself pure and did not share in their wickedness. Since he was a righteous man he was tormented in his soul day after day by the things he saw and heard.

Those things were repulsive to him and he found no pleasure in them. Therefore God rescued him when He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.


This signature on the life of Lot is very important. It tells us that God comes to the rescue of His children. Yet for that we need to keep ourselves apart from this generation of lawlessness.
It is very important that we do not share in the moral filth that is littered all around us. We are surrounded by it on all sides.

Yet from the example of Lot we can learn that it is possible to keep ourselves untainted by the dirt of sin. All such filth should create distress and torment in our souls.

Otherwise our hearts may slowly learn to accept the moral filth around us as normal. Then it would get a strong grip on our hearts. And when destruction comes we may look back and be destroyed like Lot’s wife!

Signature found at:2 Peter 2:6 to 10,Luke 17:28,29,32 NIV

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