Sarah–Unfading Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit

The world places a high premium on feminine beauty. That is one reason why the cosmetics industry is big business.

This business has made great inroads into the Christian world also. They are also unfortunately caught in a mad rush to make themselves beautiful the way the world does.

Now, having said that, it should be added that looking beautiful or attractive is not sinful. The only sin is reliance on these qualities instead of trusting in God.

In Focus
Look at Sarah. She was the beautiful wife of Abraham. The secret of her beauty (along with other holy women of the past who had put their hope in God) is revealed here.

Her beauty came not from outward adornment like braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes; though she might have used them. But she had the beauty of the inner self; a gentle and quiet spirit.

Such an attitude is said to be of great worth in God’s sight. Moreover she is said to have been submissive to her husband; obeying him and calling him her master.


In this signature on Sarah women are given a higher principle of beauty. The world relies on outward adornment. But what is revealed here is an inner quality which is of great worth in God’s sight. It is the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.

It is said that it has unfading beauty. That is in stark contrast to the nature of outward beauty. Outward beauty wanes and grows less attractive as years roll on. Outward adornment might help to restore some beauty. But even then a time comes when even that cannot hide the wrinkles of the passing years.

But a pure life full of reverence towards God creates unfading beauty. It keeps shining through. And being submissive to their husbands adds to this beauty. Though it is not a popular thought in this modern world, let godly women consider its worth in God’s sight. If you can be submissive you are Sarah’s daughters indeed.

Signature found at: 1 Peter 3: 1 to 6

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