Enoch–The Earliest One Who Prophesied of Jesus’ Second Coming and Experienced it!

The world is moving towards the only possible logical conclusion—its end! Every turn of current events is also preparing the world for its final judgment.

Yet on careful observation we find that not many believe that a judgment on the world is coming. Many laugh at the truth that each person would have to stand before God to give account of his life.

Yet the life of Enoch gives us some sure answers to the glorious reality of Jesus’ second coming.

In Focus
Look at Encoh (Ref. Genesis 5:21 to 24 also). Those who love numbers would find his life interesting. He is the 7th from Adam the first man and he lived 365 years (interesting since there are 365 days in a year).

But the most important thing about his life was that he walked with God. Now Jude tells us that Enoch actually prophesied about Jesus’ second coming and that judgment would be the explicit purpose of His coming. He also said that Jesus would be coming to the earth along with innumerable thousands of His holy ones.

And the most exciting thing about his life was the way he was taken from this earth. God suddenly took him away. He did not experience death. This happened because of he pleased God by his close walk with Him. (Adam had died when this happened and Noah was not yet born.)


This signature on the life of Enoch is rich in significance in many ways. He is the earliest man on earth who was given the knowledge of Jesus’ second coming. He prophesied about it thus telling the world of the approaching reality of an end-time judgment.

He was given the truth that Jesus would be coming back with His saints.

Enoch’s life tells us that if we too walk with God all the days of our life, like him we too will experience the reality of the second coming of Jesus and we will be taken away to heaven in like manner he went!

Signature found at: Hebrews 11:5, Jude 14 to 16 NIV

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