Aaron–Called by God

God constantly has His eyes on His work on earth. And He has placed His children in key positions of leadership to take care of His flock. He does this by calling people into His service.

The methods and circumstances through which His chosen are called may vary. Yet what underlies it all is the fact that it is God’s call on their lives and not their individual choices that decides the work they are to do for God.

In Focus
Look at Aaron. He was the high priest of God’s people Israel. He had a great responsibility of representing the people before God and offering gifts and sacrifices for their sins.

But he did not take this honor upon himself. It means that he did not choose to become high priest. Instead he was called by God to take this office.


In this short signature on the life of Aaron one of the most important guiding principle of God’s work on earth is brought to light. It reveals the fact that God’s servants are called to do His work. It is not an honor that His servants can take upon themselves.

The practical implication of this truth is that we need to wait for God’s call on our lives before we step out to do God’s work. It could be that you are a talented person. Yet that is not reason enough to do some specific work for God in the area of your talents.

Again, it could be that people after seeing your talent and passion for God might point out one particular way as the right choice for you to do God’s work. Wait. Don’t fall into this trap. None of them will support you when things go wrong after you’ve followed their advice.

Just take a look at the statement in the Bible after the short signature on Aaron. It says that even Christ did not take upon himself the glory of becoming a high priest; but He too was appointed by God Himself.

Therefore seek God. Ask for His counsel. Let the call of God come to you loud and clear. Then proceed.

Signature found at: Hebrews 5:4 NIV

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