Abraham–A Stranger in a Foreign Country

As we look at the way many Christians spend money in making their homes look impressive and beautiful; a few questions need to be asked. The questions are not about spending money though one has to give account to God for it.

But the more important questions are about attitude. To be very specific the attitude towards eternity and the hope one has about it.

In Focus
Look at Abraham. He was called to get out of his country and go. When he finally reached the place where he traveled to and fro he lived in tents. He nor his son or his grandson considered the place their permanent home.

They lived as strangers. They always carried with them an other-worldly look. The Scripture says that they were looking forward to the heavenly city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

They also did not go back to where they came from, proving that their hearts were set on reaching this city. The Bible reveals that God has indeed prepared a city for them and also that He is not ashamed to be called their God.


This signature on the life of Abraham challenges us to reconsider our priorities. Is there any difference in the way we live from the way that unbelievers live? Or are we worse when opportunities to share Christ become sad exhibitions of our worldly-minded wishes?

We, as Christians, should ideally exhibit to those who watch us the quality of being strangers in this world. In our every deed they should see that we are rejoicing in the hope of life hereafter in the heavenly city.

As strangers in a foreign country are immediately recognized by the natives of the land, others should easily see in us a detachment from this world. It does not mean not taking part in the activities of this world.

But it does mean making known to others that you have no permanent residence here through your actions.

Signature found at: Hebrews 11:9,10,13 to 16 NIV

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