“Therefore Go!” Have You Obeyed the Command?

Obedience is a key that unlocks many promises in the Bible. Several people desire to enjoy the benefits of these promises. But often they miss the part that demand obedience from their part.

The risen Lord promised, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 28:20).” This is a very encouraging promise. But if read in context, we can clearly see that this … Read the rest

Are You Running Away from the LORD?

But Jonah ran away from the LORD (Jonah 1:3). He had his own reasons to run away. But it was disobedience.

Again, he forgot he was running away from God. The Psalmist David found out the utter foolishness and impossibility of fleeing from God (Psalm 139:7–12). If his testimony does not convince you, give it a try!

Even when you are running away, you might find circumstances to be very … Read the rest

Go! One Act of Obedience!

It is amazing how one act of obedience can go a long way in fulfilling God’s purposes. Look at the case of Ananias. He was asked by God to “Go!” The reason was that a man named Saul was praying. And Saul was blind for a period of three days.

Ananias was the answer to Saul’s prayer.

But Ananias had no clue as to the change that was happening … Read the rest

The Water Became Sweet

Then Moses cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a piece of wood. He threw it into the water, and the water became sweet (Exodus 15:25 NIV).

The place where this happened was Marah which means bitter. The occasion was just three days after the Israelites had crossed the Red sea on dry ground. The problem was that the Israelites had no water to drink. And when … Read the rest

Let Him Who Walks in the Dark, Trust, Rely

Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God (Isaiah 50:10 NIV).

Obedience can lead through darkness. Such an experience should not come as a surprise. Instead this knowledge should help you to be prepared for it. The darkness can come in long … Read the rest

But Jonah Ran Away from the Lord

But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish. He went down to Joppa, where he found a ship bound for that port. After paying the fare, he went aboard and sailed for Tarshish to flee from the Lord (Jonah 1:3 NIV).

There is a Jonah in all of us! We do run away from the Lord once in a while; don’t we? Quite often we think that … Read the rest

Saul, Has Hidden Himself Among the Baggage

And the Lord said, “Yes, he has hidden himself among the baggage” (1 Samuel 10:22b NIV).

Are you hiding yourselves among the baggage today? You, who is chosen of the Lord, are supposed to come out and be at the front. Here, Saul, already anointed king by Samuel at God’s command was hiding himself among the baggage. Are you like him? What is keeping you from believing and accepting what … Read the rest

The Angel of the Lord Called a Second Time

The angel of the Lord called to Abraham from heaven a second time (Genesis 22:15 NIV).

The first call was to show Abraham God’s provision of a ram. It was sacrificed instead of his son Isaac. And Abraham acknowledged that by naming that place The Lord Will Provide.

Then came the second call. This time it was the Lord’s turn to acknowledge the remarkable obedience of Abraham. The angel … Read the rest