Saul, Has Hidden Himself Among the Baggage

And the Lord said, “Yes, he has hidden himself among the baggage” (1 Samuel 10:22b NIV).

Are you hiding yourselves among the baggage today? You, who is chosen of the Lord, are supposed to come out and be at the front. Here, Saul, already anointed king by Samuel at God’s command was hiding himself among the baggage.

Are you like him? What is keeping you from believing and accepting what God has ordained for you?

Saul might have still not been able to come to terms with his sudden promotion. He had already voiced his disbelief to Samuel because he came from the smallest tribe and clan in Israel.

Is the smallness of your circumstances preventing you from accepting what God has destined for you?

Whatever be the thoughts Saul had about himself, the truth was that he had the bearing of a king; for he was an impressive young man without equal among the Israelites and who stood a head taller than any of the others when he was brought out from among the baggage.

So you too need to come out from hiding among the baggage. Then only will you know your true worth; for it is God who has ordained you.

You should also remember that you cannot hide yourself from God. He will reveal to others your hiding place. You cannot but come out into the open and take up the role that God has kept for you. For no one lights a lamp to put it under a bowl and a city on a hill cannot be hidden!

Therefore step out from hiding. You have a task ahead. And God has already anointed you to do the same. Let not fear or your own smallness prevent you from doing so.

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