The Angel of the Lord Called a Second Time

The angel of the Lord called to Abraham from heaven a second time (Genesis 22:15 NIV).

The first call was to show Abraham God’s provision of a ram. It was sacrificed instead of his son Isaac. And Abraham acknowledged that by naming that place┬áThe Lord Will Provide.

Then came the second call. This time it was the Lord’s turn to acknowledge the remarkable obedience of Abraham. The angel of the Lord commended Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son. Therefore God promised to bless him.

It was told Abraham that through his offspring all nations on the earth will be blessed. The reason for all this was Abraham’s obedience.

The point here is that God called to Abraham a second time to acknowledge Abraham’s obedience. This is truly encouraging. Not only does God provide when you obey, but He also acknowledges your obedience with greater blessings.

Possibly, most people try to obey God with a sense of great burden. That is not a right attitude. Instead it is more acceptable to obey God with hope.

For He is a God who delights in the obedience of His children. He rewards them with blessings when they obey.

Have you heard God call to you a second time? If not, check your paths of obedience. In what manner have you obeyed?

Was it with eager willingness or was it with great reluctance? If it was with reluctance, probably you had difficulty trusting in the God who provides.

You can obey God with eagerness only when you trust in Him as the providing God. And when you obey, He definitely will acknowledge your obedience with greater blessings.

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