Process Patterns

 Process Patterns Index

  1. Crossroads » Decision » Persistence » Blessing
    We all come across crossroads in life. A God-approved decision and your persistence, in such circumstances, can bring you blessings.
  2. Giving » Greater Need  » Doubt  » Multiplication
    Give with a willing heart. It will meet a need greater than you could ever imagine and you will also see a multiplication of what you have given!
  3. Initiative » Confirmation  » Direction  » Deliverance
    God’s approval is a must for any initiative you take. Having got that; obeying His direction in the matter gives you deliverance.
  4. Command » Disobedience » Sin Exposed » Loss
    Some take sin lightly. Others substitute God’s command with human reasoning. Any one of these deceptive thoughts can cause disobedience to God’s Word. Such disobedience will be exposed; leading to loss.
  5. Carried Away » Pursuit » Attack » Recovery
    The devil, during unexpected times, conquers and takes away what God had given us. But with a quick pursuit and attack you can totally recover what was lost.
  6. Unknown Person » Concern » Counsel » Salvation
    There are two instances in the Bible where concern and timely counsel of two practically unknown people who came from the lowest section of society brought salvation to people.
  7. Trouble » Root Cause » Destroy » Peace
    Any trouble we face has an associated root cause. Uproot it. Then you get peace.
  8. Moving Away » Sinful Living » Turning Back » Restoration
    Move away from sinful living; and turn to God. For God’s standing promise is to restore His relationship with you.
  9. God’s Word » Improbability » Disbelief » God’s Answer
    Sometimes what God tells you looks highly improbable. But God answers human disbelief with His proclamation that nothing is too hard for Him!
  10. Anticipation » Opportunity » Unprepared » Dejection
    See how unpreparedness in meeting anticipated opportunities can cause disappointment and dejection.
  11. Emptiness » Vision of God » Confession of Sinfulness » Higher Calling
    Emptiness can come unexpectedly in life. But such times open to you the possibility of having a vision of God. Such a vision naturally leads to realization of your own sinfulness. When that happens, God calls you to fulfill a higher calling.

What Are Process Patterns?
These kind of patterns reveal a process. This process has a beginning. Then it moves in a definite order to a definite ending. Therefore each of the patterns that we present are represented by four word sets. The first word or word set denotes the beginning and the last one the end, while the middle two denotes the movement within the pattern.

Therefore, within the patterns there is a movement beginning with the idea represented by the first word or word set through the second and third and ending in the fourth word or word set.

This movement within a pattern is understood through two examples from the Bible. Within each example you will find the process working out in the definite order. Thus the process is complete; the pattern made clear.

Finally, the section Pattern Application tells us how these truths and its movement has direct application in our life.

This can be illustrated using an example. The first pattern that is presented in this section is the Pattern of: Crossroads » Decision » Persistence » Blessing. For example you stand at a crucial turning point of your life. There are easy roads to take. But the path of duty is a difficult one. And you are tempted to take one of the easy paths.

It is then that you come across this Biblical pattern. You learn through it that if you take a decision at this turning point of life to follow the path of duty and persist with it, it will lead to blessing. As you understand this Biblical Pattern you will be encouraged to choose the path of duty and by persistence reach the blessing that God has in store for you.

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