The Biblical Challenge to Atheists

The Biblical Challenge to Atheists

  1. The Bible is unapologetic in its stand on Atheism. It says in no unmistakable terms: “The fool says in his heart, `There is no God’ ” (Psalm 14:1, 53:1 NIV).
  2. The Atheist is challenged to look at God’s creation. The wisdom and power of God is clearly evident in His creation. The infinite variety, the colors, the grandeur, the great and the small; all proclaim
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The Reality

The Reality

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Life is not easy. The life of faith not easy at all.

In my Sunday School days I grew up fascinated by stories of young David killing Goliath, Daniel unharmed in the den of lions and the dreamer Joseph becoming Prime Minister in Egypt.

As I grew up I also dreamed of becoming such a giant of faith. But then the reality slowly made itself … Read the rest


Lessons from the Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry


We should understand that God has a perfect time to begin everything.

Let us look at Jesus’ life to understand this. The purpose of Jesus’ birth was announced even before He was conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:20,21; Luke 1:26—38). It was further confirmed by angels to shepherds when Jesus was born (Luke 2:10,11). … Read the rest

Protection Under Jesus’ Blood

Evil is on the increase everyday. Whether you like it or not, you are constantly being exposed to evil influences.

The different kinds of evil influences that surround you are deadly. For example, the many advertisements that you see constantly make your mind a battlefield. The colorful sights and seductive sounds that abound around you all have seeds of evil in it. You are constantly under attack. You are under … Read the rest

Prayer Life of Jesus Christ


Jesus prayed! Even though He was the Son of God, Jesus prayed while He was on earth. This is amazing because it tells us of our deep need of prayer. If even the Son of God needed to pray, how much more do we stand in need of prayer!

The First Step

The beginning of Jesus’ ministry on earth was begun with prayer. As Jesus was baptized marking the … Read the rest