A Great Message of the Resurrection–“And Peter!”

Have you ever wondered whether Jesus still loves you? I am sure doubts do come to your mind often. Now why does it come? Not because you do not know that he loves you; that you do know most certainly.

But you doubt because you failed God many times; isn’t it? After every failure you decided to be good. And you made an honest effort. But one unexpected burst of anger, one lustful look, one moment of cheating all ended it.
And the result. Accusations in your mind about how big a failure and hypocrite you are comes wave after wave. But did you know that God is not in the business of accusing nor condemning (see who the accuser is in Rev. 12:10)!

Perhaps one of the great messages of the resurrection is summed up in two words, “and Peter.” It was the angel looking like a young man who told the women who came to the tomb, “Go, tell his disciples, and Peter (Mark 16:7).” Why is this important?

My friend, more than anyone else, Peter was the one heartbroken after he denied knowing Jesus. One look from Jesus, and he went out and wept bitterly (Luke 23:62). The leader of the disciples had failed miserably.
Yet it seems that Jesus was longing to show his unfailing love to Peter. Therefore the glorious message of the resurrection is, “and _________ (fill your name).” Jesus will step into every closed room where you hide in fear and greet you with his peace (John 19:19).

He will not allow you to stay defeated. He has promised his Holy Spirit to strengthen and establish you. So get up from your bed of despair, for the Risen Christ is closest to you who have failed!

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Wait. God’s love is unfailing but what makes him remember you? That is your repentance—the key factor that God expects from our side. That makes Him unstoppable.

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