A Stone Rolled Away!

The resurrection is a rolling away. There was a very large stone at the mouth of the tomb. The women who were the first to go to the tomb early in the morning asked each other, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb (Mark 16:3)?

They had no clue how it will be done. They had no expectation of the resurrection. Yet they went out. It is amazing that the women showed the courage to go when men, the disciples of Jesus, did not. What might have motivated them? Just love for Jesus.

Again, the stone was rolled away not to let Jesus out. Here is a lesson you should never forget. Resurrection power is demonstrated in a believer’s life when the tomb is closed and sealed. Until the stone was rolled away everything looked the same from outside as it was Friday evening.

My friend, when God acts in resurrection power in your life, the stone will remain shut. But you will be delivered. And the stone will be moved, rolled away, just to let others know that the resurrection power had invaded your difficult and impossible situation. Hallelujah!

Finally, there is a practical thought here. It was love for Jesus that prompted the women to go to the tomb first thing in the morning even when they did not know who will roll away the stone for them. They went without knowing who will help. Yet they found the stone rolled away. Will God do less for you when you walk in faith prompted by your love for Jesus?

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