He Who Made You, Who Formed You in the Womb

“This is what the Lord says–he who made you, who formed you in the womb and who will help you. Do not be afraid, O Jacob, my servant, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen” (Isaiah 44:2 NIV).

The world of science opens our eyes to wonders not known so far. Through latest technology people can even see a baby growing in the womb. All this is amazing.

But more amazing is God’s statement that He fashioned you in the womb. Science may not proclaim this truth. But in God’s eyes your birth was not just a biological process. His hand shaped you; the one chosen by Him.

Therefore He knows you like none else. He knows your strengths. More than that He knows your failings. You as you are is not a surprise to Him for He fashioned you in the womb.

Therefore in your weak moments when you feel helpless quieten your mind in His presence. And allow the truth of the thought that God knows all about you to sink into your mind’s depths. That can bring you a calm assurance.

Further, God is saying to you that He will help you. For you are His chosen one. Therefore do not be afraid. He will yet do a mighty work in your life through His Spirit. God is thus pointing you to look to the future work He will do in your life.

To assure you its certainty, God reminds you of the fact that it was He who made you in the womb. The past of your life and its very first beginnings are His work. If He began; He will also complete. He will help you.

Today, God wants you to listen to the truth of His knowledge of you. Every muscle and every bone of yours was shaped by Him. He who fashioned your life will fashion its continuance too. His blessing will come; for you are His chosen one!

Now look at Jacob. He was the chosen one (Romans 9:11–13). But was he perfect? Not at all. His life was a game of deception. He was a deceiver from the very beginning; and he also was deceived in later life many times.

Yet God transformed him from being Jacob (deceiver) to Israel. From him came the twelve sons; the founding fathers of the tribes of Israel. Likewise God will help you too and do a mighty transforming work in your life; for you are His chosen one!

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