Do Not Be Afraid, O Worm Jacob, O Little Israel

“Do not be afraid, O worm Jacob, O little Israel, for I myself will help you,” declares the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 41:14 NIV).

God sees into you much better than you do. He sees how you think about yourself in certain seasons of life. He knows that you are feeling like a worm today.

You think yourself unworthy to receive the kindnesses of the Lord. You think you are despised by others. You would like to crawl and hide in the dirt like a worm. But even there your God sees you. And He does not despise you.

Instead He reminds you of who He is. He is your Redeemer who will deliver you from all evil. He is the Holy One.

You need to remember that these two titles of Redeemer and Holy One are not used of any other person than the Lord God of Israel. You are asked to think of how great your God is!

So instead of focusing on your weakness; count yourself privileged to look to God. Let His greatness and His willingness and tremendous ability to help you fill your mind.

That is exactly what God is promising here. He says that He Himself will help you. Your situation might seem so hopeless. But remember your Redeemer. He is going to help you. Your littleness does not make Him forget you.

He will not bypass you just because others don’t value you. Even when others don’t treat you with respect and often make you feel worthless; your God takes note of you. He will help you; for you are of great worth in His eyes. So do not be afraid.

Perhaps your greatest difficulty is that you are trembling with fear. Maybe there are many who oppose you and make you afraid. But God says to you today, “Do not be afraid.”

See, God is telling you this because He loves you. He never despises you even though you feel like a worm. Even when you think of your own littleness; God is telling you that you are precious in His eyes.

He cares so much that He would first like to breathe confidence into you. So He says, “Do not be afraid.” Be of good cheer, your God will also help you!

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