You Are My Witnesses

You are my witnesses (Isaiah 43:10a NIV).

God repeats this statement in quick succession twice (Isaiah 43:12 and 44:8). That means God meant it to be taken very seriously indeed. So what does it mean?

First of all it means that you need to have an intimate knowledge of God. This is important because no on can witness to anything that he has no knowledge about. God is inviting you to know Him; believe in Him and understand that He alone is God.

He wants you to know His power and celebrate with awe and reverence the truth that He alone is God and there is none other than He. This knowledge helps you to become His witnesses.

If this knowledge is absent; when people cross-question (for example, “How intimately do you know God?) you, you will be found speechless.

Secondly, when God says, “You are My witnesses,” He is reminding you of your responsibility. For some reason known to God alone He has put the burden of telling others about Himself to His children. That includes you.

So God is reminding you today of your responsibility. God wants to demonstrate through your life and actions that He is God. He would like the world to know that He is a God who acts; and when He acts no one can reverse it.

He would like to demonstrate it to the world through your life. A changed life spreading God’s light in this world is the best witness indeed!

Finally, when God says, “You are My witnesses,” He is telling you to communicate the truth. The disciples of Jesus were not silent when they were asked to be His witnesses.

Of course, they were given power to do it (Acts 1:8) when the Holy Spirit came on them. That same power is available to you today. Then the question is what should you witness to?

The answer is found in the lips of the disciples themselves. They said repeatedly that they were bearing witnesses to His (Jesus’) resurrection from the dead (Acts 1:22, 2:32, 3:15, 4:33 and so on).

That is the message you are carry to others. Tell them that Jesus lives. Yes, He died for their sins, but now He lives for ever!

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