Hosanna! Presenting the King!

We all need this. A very different picture of Jesus. Just for once he allows people to celebrate who he is. He rides into Jerusalem on a donkey as king (see Matthew 21:1–11).

Many interpretations have been given to this passage. But let us focus on some simple things.

He needed a donkey to ride on. This was one unique moment in his life which will never be repeated. Yet at the same time Jesus might still ask of you today what is in your possession. And it might be for some unique task.
The owner might have been taken by surprise to see two men come and untie the donkey and the colt. But the message that “the Lord needs them,” is enough to make him send them immediately.

Is there something in your possession that Jesus might ask you for his use? It can be the most unlikely thing. Yet when it is for him there is a majestic touch to it; isn’t it?

The bigger picture however is that Jesus riding on a donkey was the fulfilment of Old Testament prophecy regarding him (21:4, 5). He came into Jerusalem amidst the cries of Hosanna. It was a cry meaning “Save!”

The people might have expected a political revolution led by Jesus. Our expectations about Jesus are no different today. We cry “Hosanna,” in the hope that he will meet our expectations. But then he is king. Let him choose how best to meet our expectations.

He comes gentle and riding on a donkey. Remember he is king. He will behave like one as we find a bold righteous angry Jesus at the temple immediately after his entry to Jerusalem. Yes, he expects a sacred place in our hearts and when it is mixed with market-desires, he is not going to tolerate that (see 21:12–17).

Again, Jesus is welcomed in the words of Psalm 118:26. He is called Blessed. When is the last time you said, “Blessed are you, O Lord!”? When “Hosanna” becomes an expression of praise and its joyous notes come from your heart and lips, it can become an occasion for others to ask, “Who is this?” (v. 10).

It can then become a meaningful time for you to introduce Jesus to others (v. 11).

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